Dear Friends, Colleagues, and fellow lovers of Astrology everywhere,
As I expressed in my previous letter, we at AASP (Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, FLwww.aaspfl.com) are especially happy to have Astrologer and author Don Cerow to visit with us at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater, FL, on Thursday evening, Nov. 7, 2013, beginning at 7:00 pm.
What is Don going to speak with us about?  Frankly, I honestly don’t know specifically.  I chose to leave that entirely up to him.   With Don’s credentials, WHATEVER he chooses to share with us, I am confident and certain that we will ALL be excited and anxious to hear – and whatever he presents will undoubtedly be exceptionally well organized and extremely informative.
DON CEROW, a former student of Louise Fimlaid a longtime AASP Member, recently sent to me some information about himself from which to construct an introduction.  Since nobody could say it better than he, what follows is DON CEROW’s bio – in his own words:
  • DON CEROW is a certified NCGR Level IV astrologer known for the depth of his celestial insights. An astrologer since ’72, his interest has been in how astronomy evolved from the mythology and astrology of ancient peoples.  he received his degree in Classics, Magna cum Laude from UMass in ’76, and has been writing a weekly column for various newspapers since ’83.
          In ’03 he reconstructed a near life size model of Stonehenge (phase 1) in the Hamptons in a story     picked up by the New York times.  He’s produced snows for radio and television and has taught at colleges, universities, and planetariums across the country. 
         In ’05 he produced a multi-media show for Fiske Planetarium at the U of Colorado, Boulder, pushing back the limits of what our forebearers knew about the heavens, a work that has gon on to become a book entitled “When the Dragon Wore the Crown”, available through your local bookseller.
         Don was a featured speaker at the CPAK 2012 (the Conference for Precessional and Ancient Knowledge) in Rancho Mirage, CA.
A sample of Don Cerow’s programs:
  • STARS, MYTHS, and DRAGONS  The Wisdom of Ancient Culture
  This is the planetarium show which has been presented which has been presented from California to florida and points in-between.  The symbol of the dragon is the vestige of a once world wide code of information found in the stars.  Why is it that this obviously mythical creature is found on every hemisphere of the planed, across various cultures and throughout time?  Whether as Ti’amat of the Babylonians, Ladon of the Greeks, the Imperial Dragon of China, Thunder Bird of the Lakota or even the ‘feathered serpent’ or flying snake of the Mayans of Central America, we find this image omnipresent around the globe.  If the Dragon is a fictional creation, then what is the source of its universal appeal?  This presentation retells a number of creation myths and offers a delightfully simple answer to this intriguing question.
The publisher’s summary:  “When the Dragon Wore the Crown – Center and Circle” covers a period of approximately six thousand years, focusing primarily on what astrologers would call the Ages of Gemini, Tauruws, and Aries, and the classical astronomy of the Greeks and Romans.  It opens and closes with the Chinese tradition, and touches on Sumerian, Babylonian, Hindu, Norse and Mayan cultures and their mythology and astronomy weaving together many of their celestial serpentine similarities. 
The book primarily focuses on the role of the Dragon, the astronomical marker of the North Celestial Pole for literally thousands of years.  The earthshaking importance of this simple astronomical fact helped open the door to navigation, farming, and social organization.  The cycle of the seasons was marked by this cadence, and the moving center protected the secret of the circle, the divine Circle, for literally thousands of years.  Without the correct center, you did not have the correct circle.  Don Cerow shows how the Dragon was the solitary guardian of the secret of the center, of the magic forgedby the circle, a gem of incalculable worth. (provided by publisher)
  • History:  US    USA – History and Predictions
   From 1996 until 2003, Don wrote yearly “Predictions for the USA” for a national magazine.  Through extensively studying the historical record year after year, don has gained an intimate grasp on the characteristics and personallity of our country’s soul.  Join us as we journey through more than two hundred years of our past, examiningt many of the patterns found in the US chart, and of how they manifested by transit and progression.  Learn what the stars have had to say about this great land, and help unravel the mysteries of the future as we ponder the celestial combinations of the upcoming year.
There will be a brief business meeting for AASP Members beginning at 6:30 pm;  Don’s presentation is to begin at 7:00 pm.
We encourage all, Members, and guests, to come early for registeration, and visiting.  The fees are:  $10.00 for AASP Members; $15.00 for Visitors who have attended before.  ALL FIRST-TIME visitors are FREE.
Here’s looking forward to seeing each of you there!
Jim Cummins
Pres.  AASP
P.S.  Please be sure to visit our website:  www.aaspfl.com