Start the New Year with another Amazing Lecture by Don Cerow!

Dear AASP Members, Colleagues, Friends, and Lovers of Astrology everywhere,

DON CEROW is returning to AASP (Astrology Association of St. Petersburg) on Thursday, January 09, 2014…at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL.


Don is an exceptional astrologer – one who thinks ‘way “outside the box”, so to speak. The program he has prepared exclusively for AASP on January 09 is like none other ever presented to us – by anybody!

Don’s subject will be “AMERICA”....He will bring to us a view and understanding of our Great Nation such as we have never known before: both historically, and through the prism of astrology.

Will there also be forecasts and projections about what AMERICA might experience in the months and perhaps years ahead? ABSOLUTELY!!

Furthermore, Don will hold a Q&A session after his main talk.

As you know, Don Cerow is an exhaustive researcher. His work as a researcher is legend. He goes literally to the ‘ends of the Earth’ to uncover the great secrets related to whatever he is studying. by employing his exceptional skills at organizing information in a cohesive and communicable way, he puts together programs about those matters for every kind of audience, from scientists and academics, to us ordinary “lay” folks.

His several books are now considered standards and references by which other books on the subjects are measured. Don Cerow is simply one of the finest astrologers and deepest thinkers of our time, and we are privileged to have him come for a return visit to AASP.

In the presentation he has prepared exclusively for us at AASP, all about “AMERICA”, Don will be sharing with us insights, details, and an in-depth perspective that only he can bring – developed through his unique capabilities at historical research and his exceptional skills as an astrologer (Level IV, NCGR)

Don’s presentation will begin at 7:00 pm, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater...but please try to come as near to 6:00 pm as is possible in order to get registered, have some time to mingle and visit with old friends, and meet new people as well.

  • Admission for AASP Members is only $10.00;….
  • for Visitors     who have come before, but who     are not yet AASP Members:     $15.00;
  • for all     First-time Visitors: FREE…NO CHARGE…NADA….We are very glad for you to visit AASP!

I know we will all learn lots from Don Cerow’s very special program…as well as enjoy very much the camaraderie of fellow astrologers.

There will be refreshments at the end of Don’s program. 

Please EXPLORE the MANY pages of Don’s website:

Jim Cummins