Follow up Information on Don Cerow

Update from Jim, following up on the meeting post for Nov 7th, 2013.  Further information on Astrologer Don Cerow, our scheduled speaker tomorrow night.

  Come hear about the constellation Draco the Dragon and an answer to the mystery of why nearly every culture on earth has a dragon myth.



When our ancestors gazed upon the stars long ago they looked up

 into the center of the sky and saw a mighty Dragon,

a great celestial serpent with wings circling ceaselessly above them,

night after night, century after century.

The circuit of the seasons, the position of the zodiacal circle and

the secret of the circle – Earth’s position in space –  

were all hidden in its center.

If the true center was not accurately observed and determined,

 the entire circle was off.

Draco, the constellation of the Dragon, was this astronomical marker for literally thousands of years. This talk is a beautiful and informative journey of discovery, following the mythologies of Chinese, Sumerian, Phoenician, Norse, Native American and Mayan cultures

as they evolved into modern astronomy.




A writer since 1972, Don Cerow’s primary research has been in the mythology and astronomy of ancient peoples.

 He’s produced shows for radio and television and has taught at colleges, universities, and planetariums across the country.

In 2005 he wrote and produced a multi-media show for

Fiske Planetarium at the U of Colorado, Boulder entitled

 Stars, Myths and Dragons. In 2012 he was a featured speaker at the Conference for Precession and Ancient Knowledge.

Don is a certified NCGR Level IV practicing counseling astrologer. His weekly astrology column appeared for twenty years in the Valley Advocate and Amherst Bulletin, two Massachusetts newspapers, and continues online at

Contact him at