November 2012 – Wendy Barta and Will Fellows – Mystical and Magi Astrology


WENDY BARTA spoke on the topic of December 21, 2012.

Wendy Barta has had an avid interest in Astrology since 2004 when she had her first reading by a professional astrologer.  She began her studies with Karmic astrologer Linda Brady and has been exploring different avenues of astrology ever since.  In 2007, Wendy achieved a Level I certification with the NCGR and enjoys participating in UAC and NCGR conferences.  She loves presenting astrology in creative ways and has given talks on “Art & Architecture through the Astrological Ages”, “How to Scrapbook Your Chart” and “Astrology 101”.  Wendy met Will in 2005 during an astrology meeting and they’ve been together ever since.