Christeen Skinner

Christeen SkinnerChristeen Skinner has studied astrological charts for over forty years and has taught in London and via the Internet, students from many corners of the world. She has given many radio and television interviews and is author of ‘Money Signs’ and ‘The Financial Universe’ – a book for traders with no astrological knowledge is in preparation, in which publication, among others, she forecast the banking crisis.  Christeen also issues a free monthly newsletter under the same name, Financial Universe.

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January 2013 – Christeen Skinner on Money Signs and The Financial Universe

A bird’s eye view of 2013 and 2014.

“The Uranus-Pluto square has brought us to interesting times. It is not difficult to see difficulties right across the world. From eco disaster to financial collapse, there are times when it seems we are doomed.

“Yet our universe is one of abundance. We know that we are ‘of the stars’. What we also know is that cellular memories themselves create difficulties and history often repeats because cycles aren’t broken.

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October 2012 – David Beazley on How to Find Lottery Winners with Astrology

In our October meeting, David Beazley spoke on finding the winning formula using the planetary picture for lottery wins and finding lottery winners.  

We investigated charts and showed why some people should gamble and speculate, and the rest should go to work and keep their money in their pockets.   Continue reading

January 2012 – Christeen Skinner on Perspectives in Financial Astrology

Perspectives in Financial Astrology – with Christeen Skinner

Christeen discussed the following:

The Neptune Pluto septile and its place in financial trading.

  • Using helio or Geo: how different perspectives improve forecasting.
  • The impact of Mars retrograde periods and the influence of other planet reversals and returns on indices (DJI and S&P).
  • Declinations: with particular emphasis on the progressed Moon declination cycle and what it tells us about periods of financial instability and correction.
  • he Moon at perigee and apogee and its effect on markets. 

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