Janet Sciales, the “Star Goddess”

JANET SCIALES, known far and wide as the Star Goddess, www.star-goddess.com, is heard 

  • every Monday morning, between 8:20 am and 8:50 am on Wild 94.1’s “Love and Money Show“,
  • and daily Monday through Friday, every half hour between 6:30 am and 9:05 am, describing “One Thing You Need to Know to Have a Fabulous Day“, 
  • and also on Q105’s Mason in the Morning Show, revealing “Tomorrow’s News Today“, a video version of which is posted at www.myq105radio.com

Read her compelling report on Hypatia, an early iatromathematician (Egyptian astrologer), neoplatonist, and herself a goddess of the astrolabe and conic systems: http://www.star-goddess.com/page/history-of-astrology.

Local astrologer and radio personality Janet Sciales grew up in New York, graduated from University of Tampa, and has been practicing astrology professionally since 1983. Her office is located in Lutz. Janet has regular appearances with radio and television, on local and national levels. 

Janet does predictions each year for each sign. She recently finished up the predictions for 2013 – a video big picture overview, and an audio overview for all 12 signs.  They are available from star-goddess.com web page – $3.99 for the video overview and $1.99 for the audio overview or both for $5.  

You’ll be able to view it or listen immediately. Noshipping costs.  If you wish to have either a CD or DVD for your permanent library, please contact Janet directly and she will make those arrangements for you.