Carole Devine

Carole Devine is an active consulting astrologer, lecturer and author. She has been a professional Astrologer since 1974 when she completed courses at the Academy of Astrological Studies in San Diego.

She studied with Lionel Day in New York at the American Astrosophical Institute. She holds fourth level NCGR certification and ISAR’s C.A.P. designation.

Solar Arc DirectionsAlthough she has a BS in Metaphysics, her mainstream educational background has been mainly in the field of journalism and English: she loves to write! Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines.

She wrote the daily forecast for The Mountain Astrologer in 1995-96 and is responsible for “Celestial Gardening.” She is the author of two books, Solar Arc Directions and Star Trek Revealed. She has presented at two AFA conferences, UAC 2008, two SOTA conferences, regional conferences, and throughout the country.

Star Trek RevealedShe lectured about astrology and reincarnation for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Sweden and England. Recently, Carole served on the board of the AFAN Steering Committee. Her philosophy closely follows that of A Course In Miracles, and is spiritually oriented. She uses Astrology as a positive blueprint for personal growth.

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