Dennis Maltz

Dennis MaltzAstrology has been at the center of Dennis’s life since 1970 when at 19 he was handed a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Within 2 years, reading everything he could find on astrology he found himself deeply into the book Alice A Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology. Dennis says, “I found this book in a used book shop on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood Ca. and it has since led me on a lifelong journey, now 43 years and counting”.

Dennis’s background and interest before he started studying astrology was the Eastern Gurus and the idea of enlightenment, an interest intriguing him since age 16. This is why he naturally gravitated to the Esoteric, which is often called Spiritual Astrology. At the time he found his first Esoteric Astrology book, Dennis was on an intensive daily meditation schedule. As Dennis says “my path was like many others of that day, eclectic. I was reading Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, and all manner of of books of spiritual interest. But somehow I never fit into anyone’s idea of how things should be done and I think this is the basis for my interest in AAB’s Esoteric Astrology.” Discovering astrology Dennis says he found tools in which to help him understand what made himself, other people, and the entire universe tick.

harmonicAlthough Dennis surely considers himself an Intuitive Astrologer, his approach to astrology starts very simply, he says to give more credit to the basics and your intuition will expand more broadly. On this subject he says “with the signs and planets seek each one’s general signature, intuitively find the common denominator which supports the variety of interpretations you’ve learned about each. With the aspects, feel/sense angle, distance, the motion, and who is moving faster and slower. For the esoteric or astrologer interested in the psyche, recognizing these signature and paying extra attention to how your mind interprets them will help guide you through understanding the psychological effects the chart is revealing. Although this is probably second nature to all experienced astrologers, the suggestion for the esoteric astrologer is to spend specific time paying attention to this intuition and the overall psychological profile will reveal itself. To start developing your intuition, simply start with keywords and take them seriously as the basis for your study”.