March 2013 – Janet Sciales on Astrology in The Bible

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 07, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. beginning at 6:30 pm.

As we enter this very special season of the year, we are especially pleased to announce that Janet Sciales is our featured speaker that Thursday evening, March 07, and her subject will be Astrology In The Bible. 

Janet explains:

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February 23rd’s Transits and Planetary Climate

From Jim Cummins:

Jim CumminsSaturn is now Retrograde, Mercury turned Retrograde today, and is conjuncting Mars – so it is extremely EASY for anyone, and everyone to fly off the handle – please be cautious – and soon, Retrograde Mercury will cross Chiron, and Neptune in succession, before it turns around again going forward from March 17, to cross those same positions all over again during the latter half of March, and early April. 

These next few weeks will be topsy-turvy for nearly everybody – especially the Mutable signs, i.e., Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces, where that stellium is presently located.

David Beazley

Financial Astrologer, DAVID BEAZLEY is originally from the UK, studied under top astrologers there, and became a professional astrologer in 1992….

He is certified by ISAR in both Western and Uranian techniques.  David specializes in research, financial, and relationship astrology.  He is the founder of Karmic Connections an astrological dating service (  David has lectured to astrological groups around the county, We are extremely fortunate to have David as a member of AASP as he resides in the Tampa Bay Area.

Christeen Skinner

Christeen SkinnerChristeen Skinner has studied astrological charts for over forty years and has taught in London and via the Internet, students from many corners of the world. She has given many radio and television interviews and is author of ‘Money Signs’ and ‘The Financial Universe’ – a book for traders with no astrological knowledge is in preparation, in which publication, among others, she forecast the banking crisis.  Christeen also issues a free monthly newsletter under the same name, Financial Universe.

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Janet Sciales, the “Star Goddess”

JANET SCIALES, known far and wide as the Star Goddess,, is heard 

  • every Monday morning, between 8:20 am and 8:50 am on Wild 94.1’s “Love and Money Show“,
  • and daily Monday through Friday, every half hour between 6:30 am and 9:05 am, describing “One Thing You Need to Know to Have a Fabulous Day“, 
  • and also on Q105’s Mason in the Morning Show, revealing “Tomorrow’s News Today“, a video version of which is posted at

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Dennis Maltz

Dennis MaltzAstrology has been at the center of Dennis’s life since 1970 when at 19 he was handed a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Within 2 years, reading everything he could find on astrology he found himself deeply into the book Alice A Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology. Dennis says, “I found this book in a used book shop on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood Ca. and it has since led me on a lifelong journey, now 43 years and counting”. Continue reading

January 2013 – Christeen Skinner on Money Signs and The Financial Universe

A bird’s eye view of 2013 and 2014.

“The Uranus-Pluto square has brought us to interesting times. It is not difficult to see difficulties right across the world. From eco disaster to financial collapse, there are times when it seems we are doomed.

“Yet our universe is one of abundance. We know that we are ‘of the stars’. What we also know is that cellular memories themselves create difficulties and history often repeats because cycles aren’t broken.

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