EXCITING EVENING with TIM BOST – Master Financial Astrologer

TIM BOST will be our Special and Honored Presenter on Thursday, July 18, 2013, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater, FL, beginning at 7:00 PM. The fee is only $15.00 for all attendees. Please pay in advance using the Pay Pal button here


Dear AASP Members, colleagues, friends, and Astrology lovers everywhere:

Normally, we at AASP do not hold meetings during the summer months – but as astrologers, we all have expected that the mid-July Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the Water Signs just HAD to produce something VERY SPECIAL, and indeed it has!!!

A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY has fallen into our lap, and we would be absolute fools not to take full advantage of it. It’s all about YOUR MONEY!

The global impact of the Uranus/Pluto series of squares, presently near its midpoint, smacks us every time we see, or hear, or read the news. Those civilization-transforming squares are upsetting the foundations of the world’s monetary and financial systems with just as deadly a force as they are rocking the political and social structures of the Middle East and elsewhere.

As the traditional and institutional towers of economic ‘stability’ steadily crumble apart in the shakedown of this Cardinal Climax environment, that crumbling stealthily erodes the most basic economic securities of every person on Earth.

The cumulative effect of this world-wide phenomena will one day erupt in a ‘critical mass’ situation, when suddenly hardly anyone will know what to do – except those of us who have not only seen the ‘signs’ of its coming, but who have acted on the advice of those select few who really DO know how an individual can protect and GROW his/her assets – however large or small – today, for whatever might tomorrow.

Naturally, those “select few” are Astrologers: FINANCIAL ASTROLOGERS.

On Thursday, July 18, 2013, when that mid-July Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, are very near their peak of ABUNDANCE- Attracting Intuitive Thinking energies, one of the world’s most sought-after and highly acclaimed Financial Astrologers will present to us the culmination of his more than 40 years of intensive studies in both Astrology and Finance.

The Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, FL is extremely proud to welcome TIM BOST (www.timbost.com) for an exceptionally SPECIAL EVENING when he will show us all what to do, how and when to do it, to navigate and prosper during the turbulent economic waters that are already as unstable and “choppy” as whitecaps warning of a major storm just over the horizon.

Tim has, for many years, been been a keynote speaker at astrology conventions, (including UAC, NCGR, ISAR, NORWAC, etc) as well as the go-to-expert on numerous TV and cable financial programs. (Incidentally, Tim is Level IV NCGR)

For decades, financial advisers have consulted TIM BOST to know how they themselves should invest, and referred to his astute writings to guide their own clients – which writings include Beyond the Basics in Stock Market Astrology, Profitable Trading with Planetary Timing, Mercury, Money, and the Markets, Gann Secrets Revealed: Beyond Symbolism in Financial Astrology, to name just a few among his many books – not to mention the countless articles he has written for every major astrological publication.

Every week since 1988, TIM BOST has written, edited and published the world-renowned Financial Cycles Weekly – which, week after week, through all these intervening years, has built an industry-standard stellar reputation of reliable, consistent profit-making recommendations, in every arena of the world of finance.

Please go to Tim’s website, www.timbost.com, and EXPLORE all the pages and links he offers – listen to his appearances on various radio programs, read his Market Astrologer’s Blog http://realbusinessresults.com/marketastrologer/ and enjoy Tim’s relaxed but expert way of communicating, in easy to understand terms, important details about things that really matter.

As President, I have some happy, happy announcements for you, beginning at 6:30 pm, so please try to come early, so we will have ample time to visit and mingle, as well as time for the announcements.

TIM BOST is an exceptional, highly Spiritual individual – and truly one of the world’s finest Financial Astrologers. I can hardly contain my personal excitement that this brilliant, and kind man is coming to share with us, his awesome wealth of knowledge.

Looking forward to seeing each of you on Thursday evening.
Jim Cummins
President, Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, FL

May 2nd & 4th – Intimate Enemies with Dr. Patricia D’Encarnacao Blos’e & Therese D’Encarnacao

Image from www.enemygraph.comDear AASP Members, Colleagues, Friends, and fellow lovers of Astrology 

On Thursday evening, May 02, 2013, we (AASP) will have our final business meeting of the 2012-2013 season. 

It will be held at our regular meeting place, the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL., beginning at 6 pm.   The prices on Thursday, May 02, are the same as for any other AASP meeting: First-time VISITORS – FREE; AASP Members, $15.00; Visitors – $20.00.  Continue reading

Walk Softly! Martian Sabers are Rattling

The fiery Mars/Uranus square Pluto energy will be intensifying this weekend, as Mars begins to move away from Uranus and more tightly square Pluto, and with the Sun and Venus quickly following that trajectory…as Mercury, now forward, yet still in its ‘shadow’, moving quickly through Pisces, just having reactivated Chiron, and the Moon being in Leo today and tomorrow, expanding everyone’s ego, and their natural tendency to quickly defend their turf or  ‘honor’, so to speak, perhaps a review of that article can help someone exercise more patience in a given situation than they otherwise might during this highly charged time period. 

We should remember that the present conjunction between Mars and Uranus, with their developing square to Pluto, will be challenged or tested when that same Mars makes opposes Pluto and squares Uranus successively in late July, and early August.  So, whatever conditions are prevailing this weekend, and early next week, will be revisited then, one way or another.  

This goes for world events also….which is very significant, considering the saber-rattling situations going on all over the globe.  (Read the Full Article)

Written by Jim Cummins


Proceed With Care – March’s Critical Turning Points

Dear AASP Members, Friends, Colleagues and Astrology lovers everywhere,

For those of you who have planets at, or near 08 degrees of any sign, especially the Cardinals, this will be of particular significance. 

For those who have no planets at or close to that 08 degree in ANY Sign, you may not be as personally and directly affected by the current transits as are those of us (including myself) who do, but even so, the prevailing aspects are nonetheless quite fraught with ‘expect the unexpected’  attributes, and characteristics of suddenness’ and ‘wow – I didn’t see THAT coming’ type scenarios. Continue reading

Our current Stellum in Pisces on top of Mercury Retrograde

Quick note from Jim Cummins – March 9th, 2013

All the planets presently transiting Pisces (6 today – 7 on Monday!) – that’s a HUGE percentage of positions in one 30 degree sector of the Zodiacal wheel – and it is having a MAJOR impact on everyone – and is the underlying reason that so many people are experiencing feelings of fear – in so many arenas of life. 

Among those transiting positions, is Mercury Retrograde.  That is a sure index of what we typically term the “re” process:  review, reconsider, rework, revise, re-EVERYTHING…because Mercury, which rules the thought processes, and the connections we make between things, between ideas, etc., is Retrograde, in other words, thinking things OVER, which is APPROPRIATE in all situations.   Continue reading

The Halcyon Days of March – What does that mean for you?

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Lovers of Astrology,

I am attaching FOUR charts (.pdf) here:  (1) AASP March 2013 Meeting.pdf; and (2) 2013 New Moon March 11, 2013.pdf; (3) 2013 Full Moon in March.pdf; and (4) 2013 Vernal Equinox.pdf

You can click each image below to open a full chart in a new window.

We are all presently enjoying what one could describe as the “halcyon days” of March, 2013. Even with Mercury presently Retrograde (to turn Direct again on March 17), as of this writing on March 04, it is conjunct the Sun – giving it the nature of a “reprieve of sorts” from retrogradation, i.e. relative clarity for a day or so, and from there to a conjunction to Venus during the evening hours of the 6th (how sweet it is!), which Venus itself is Sextile to Pluto and Trine to Saturn on that very day (March 6th).  Continue reading

It’s Time for Board of Director Nominations

Our meeting on Thursday, March 07, will begin EARLY at 6:30 pm…so try to arrive around 6:00 pm to get registered in, and have a few moments to visit friends, etc. 

The reason for starting early is because, in accordance with our Constitution and By-Laws, our March meeting is when we have NOMINATIONS for the Incoming Board of Directors for the next AASP season, 2013-2014, Continue reading