May 2nd & 4th – Intimate Enemies with Dr. Patricia D’Encarnacao Blos’e & Therese D’Encarnacao

Image from www.enemygraph.comDear AASP Members, Colleagues, Friends, and fellow lovers of Astrology 

On Thursday evening, May 02, 2013, we (AASP) will have our final business meeting of the 2012-2013 season. 

It will be held at our regular meeting place, the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL., beginning at 6 pm.   The prices on Thursday, May 02, are the same as for any other AASP meeting: First-time VISITORS – FREE; AASP Members, $15.00; Visitors – $20.00. 

The evening will be CATERED, by Da Sesto’s Italian Restaurant!  For our vegetarian Members and friends, the menu will include non-gluten pastas, and vegetarian anti-pasta platters, etc.   For those of us who enjoy traditional Italian food, Da Sesto’s is bringing plenty of that! 

There will be two speakers for the evening:  Dr. Patricia D’Encarnacao, PhD, psychiatrist/astrologer, and her daughter, Therese, RN.  Dr. Pat and Therese will also be conducting the workshop we are having on Saturday, May 04, at the Hibachi Restaurant, between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. 

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The topic for both events is INTIMATE ENEMIES. On Thursday evening, Dr. Pat, who, with her psychologist husband, Paul, operated the Mid-South Center for Marital and Sexual Therapy Clinic for more than 20 years, will discuss the “Intimate” part of this multi-layered topic, using charts of well-known lovers and life-long partners, to illustrate the astrological signatures of the “ties that bind”. 

At the Saturday, May 04 workshop, both Dr, Pat and Therese will discuss the astrological aspects which attract into one’s life relationships that may become contentious, (“Intimate Enemies” ) and possibly even dangerous, under certain circumstances; but most significantly and importantly, they will reveal and explain in detail specific ways in which such situations can be resolved peacefully and harmoniously, for the good of all concerned. 

For this PRICELESS information, the cost of their Saturday workshop is only $30.00 – plus lunch at Hibachi’s Restaurant (usually about $8.00.) 

Hibachi has more than 200 items on their menu of Chinese, American, and Japanese food. 

Patricia D’Encarnacao Blos’e, MD

Dr. Patricia Blos’e has worked in the field of psychiatry for nearly 40 years. Dr. Blos’e  attended Vanderbilt University Undergraduate and Medical School in Nashville, Tennessee, and she completed her psychiatric residency training at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, Tennessee.

Following completion of her training, she and her husband Paul D’Encarnacao, Ph.D., a psychologist, were trained as sexual therapists in the 1970’s and they owned and operated the MidSouth Center for Marital and Sexual Therapy Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Blos’e also became certified as an addiction specialist and worked in that field for a number of years.

She has additionally worked in geriatrics and became the first medical director of the geriatrics unit in the then poorest county of the nation, Quitman County, Mississippi.

Dr. Blos’e has also worked extensively in the field of corrections and is presently working parttime in forensic psychiatry which she has done for the past 3 years.

For the previous 9 years she had been the outpatient psychiatrist at Samaritan Mental Health, a private psychiatric clinic located in Newport, OR, on the lovely Central Oregon Coast, where she still resides.

Dr, Blos’e’s interest in astrology dates back to first meeting Jim Cummins in Memphis 30+ years ago. At that time both were part of a large underground movement of emerging what-came-to-be-known as a New Age or Holistic or Alternative subculture (depending on the prevailing euphemism dejour).

There were other astrologers in the movement, but Jim’s astute acumen impressed her tremendously and led to her increased interest and desire to study the subject herself. Her interest in Jung and his theories had predisposed her to be more open than some might be. A friendship and working relationship was thus born.


Therese D’Encarnacao RN

Therese D’Encarnacao has a personal life story which will literally keep you on the edge of your seat, and for that reason, I am withholding the bio she sent to me, so she can reveal it to you herself, in person. What she has to tell you is absolutely RIVETING!

The elder of the two daughters of Drs. Paul and Patricia D’Encarnacao, Therese is an RN of more than 20 years practice, and in addition, she is now also very actively engaged in a special branch of Healing which has immeasurable significance for people all over the world.

I have known this family for 37 years, and there are no words sufficient to describe how deep is my love and respect for each of them. I first met Therese when she was only 10 years old, and now she is a Mother, and Grandmother – (my! how time flies!) – and a very accomplished woman – who has a most unique and inspirational life story to share with you all….one which will linger in your hearts and minds for many years to come,  most likely for the rest of your days.