March 2013 – Janet Sciales on Astrology in The Bible

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 07, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. beginning at 6:30 pm.

As we enter this very special season of the year, we are especially pleased to announce that Janet Sciales is our featured speaker that Thursday evening, March 07, and her subject will be Astrology In The Bible. 

Janet explains:

 “I am presenting Astrology in the Bible covering both Old and New testaments from Genesis to Revelations with emphasis on the Mogen David or Star of David from the Old Testament and Jesus’ Nativity from the New Testament.”This is certain to be one of the most fascinating astrological presentations any of us will have attended in a very long time.  We all have need to know and understand not only how prominant astrology is throughout the Bible, but also where and how it is presented there, and the deeper meanings, and import of its messages in the Holy Scriptures.

It goes without saying that Janet Sciales is certainly one  of the most engaging, informative, and entertaining astrology speakers anywhere. This particular presentation is one of which she has told me she is especially proud.  No doubt, she has done some very serious study in its preparation.

Janet’s talk will coincide with the History Channel’s broadcast of Mark Burnett’s and Roma Downing’s brilliant 10-part series, The Bible, which starts on Sunday evening, March 03, at 8 pm.  I encourage all to watch, and/or record, this series.