Our current Stellum in Pisces on top of Mercury Retrograde

Quick note from Jim Cummins – March 9th, 2013

All the planets presently transiting Pisces (6 today – 7 on Monday!) – that’s a HUGE percentage of positions in one 30 degree sector of the Zodiacal wheel – and it is having a MAJOR impact on everyone – and is the underlying reason that so many people are experiencing feelings of fear – in so many arenas of life. 

Among those transiting positions, is Mercury Retrograde.  That is a sure index of what we typically term the “re” process:  review, reconsider, rework, revise, re-EVERYTHING…because Mercury, which rules the thought processes, and the connections we make between things, between ideas, etc., is Retrograde, in other words, thinking things OVER, which is APPROPRIATE in all situations.  

That way, we are able to “iron out the wrinkles” in any situation.  It gives us pause – a NATURAL pause, in which to work through whatever processes we must work through to proceed full steam ahead with all flags flying, once the Retrograde is past. 

It’s like a car with a tire losing air.  First, the Retrograde conditions causes us to “slow down”, to a pace that allows us to realize that one of the tires may be losing air…we might not have noticed that before, if we were cruising along at a relatively high speed. 

Second, that information gives us an opportunity to repair the deflating tire, or to change it….before proceeding.

Notice, however, that just because we discovered a “kink” in the trip, it doesn’t mean that we were on the wrong trip in the first place, only that one of the tires is losing air – and needs either fixing or replacing, before continuing forward with total safety and security.

We don’t need to change DIRECTION, or PURPOSE, or GOAL, etc, just to attend to a minor condition, which if not attended in a timely fashion, could well develop into a more inconvenient situation further down the road, so to speak.

Even then, it still would not mean that we were on the wrong course to begin with, only that the deflating tire became a flat tire, and by that reality, we were compelled to deal with it, regardless the temporary inconvenience of that particular point in time.

So, during a Mercury Retrograde, one seeks out, and locates whatever issues in the “system” may need fixing, or replacing, etc., before proceeding.

Once the Retrograde is completed, those items have been resolved, and we roll merrily on our way.  It’s as simple as that.

The old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” is applicable for Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury turns Direct on March 17, but remains in its “shadow” phase until the last day of March.

The ideal and best use of the time when Mercury is in its Retrograde – Shadow phases is to ferret out and assess any and all “cracks in the concrete”, whether large or small, and where need for repairs or changes may be required later, take care of them now, to prevent a larger repair, or more expensive change being mandated later – when one least wants or needs it.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE…one might call it.  That’s Mercury Retrograde in a nutshell.

There are SEVERAL very active, possibly intense, aspects coming up through the remainder of this month.  Please note the dates I gave in my recent AASP article, for the timing.  

It is best to let this period of stormy, explosive, and unexpected emergencies come and go  (through the end of March) and settle into a much more mellow, harmonious set of atmospherics, before finalizing ideas…because IDEAS are the main thing which will emanate from one and all during these next several weeks, like internal volcanoes exploding with new concepts, new excitements, new everything!  

Many people can’t easily handle NEW.  But when we know to expect an influx of NEW from within ourselves, then it may be easier to harness that lightning, so to speak, and put it to work.