Jim Cummins to speak on Global Geopolitical Dynamics

Dear AASP  Members, Friends, Colleagues, and Astrology Lovers everywhere,

Our next AASP  meeting is on Thursday, April 3, 2014, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton  Rd…beginning at 6:30 pm.

The fee for  AASP Members is $10.00….for Visitors who have been with us before, $15.00; and  for all FIRST-TIME Visitors – absolutely FREE! Don’t forget that you can pay for the meeting in advance on the Membership Page with Paypal!

The title of  the presentation for this event is: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON  – and  HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOU AND THOSE YOU LOVE?

Jim  Cummins will be the  speaker

He will cover Global Geopolitical Dynamics through the rest of this year, with a  telescoped preview of the next several years, including Eclipes, War or Peace  issues, and lots more.

There will be  handouts…and plenty of time for Q&A.

……and of  course, refreshments for all.

This is going  to be an exciting and very, very informative presentation. I certainly look  forward to seeing each of you there.

For Jim’’s recent financial articles:

Please click  here to access your FREE PDF  articles: http://bit.ly/BigPix

Until Thursday,  April 3rd, at the Hampton……

Jim Cummins, 

President,  AASP





Reminder: Christine Skinner’s Coming on Feb 27th to Speak on Financial Astrology!

This special meeting of AASP will be held at Hampton Inn at 4050 Ulmerton Rd. in Clearwater FL at 7 pm!  Christine Skinner is a well known financial astrologer and author of the book “The Financial Universe”. You won’t want to miss this talk, especially given current economic conditions! For more information on this event and Christine Skinner, please see the last post by clicking the “previous” link in the upper right hand corner of this page. Please register and pay ahead of time for the meeting at the bottom of the Membership page with Paypal or you can pay at the door.  New members are always FREE!

Also, AASP is pleased to announce a new link to financial astrologer Tim Bost’s Financial Cycles Weekly  and the new series of articles that Jim Cummins will be writing for this online publication.  This new series can be accessed by clicking the link below and under “Related Articles” on this web page, you can click on the article title to read Jim Cummin’s most recent contribution – Conflict with China: A Mundane Astrologer’s View.


See you all on Thursday!




Britain’s Biggest Banks Use Astrology to Play the Market

Dear AASP Members, and Fellow Lovers of Astrology,

Britain’s Biggest Banks Use Astrology to Play the Market


By Danny Penman | newsmonster.co.uk

opens with this introduction:

Christeen Skinner blinks at the screen of her computer and takes another slurp of coffee. It’s half past seven in the morning and she’s preparing for a crucial meeting with the chief executive of the High and Mighty fashion chain.


Apart from the black cat dozing on her lap, the only clue to Christeen’s occupation as a 21st century astrologer is a copy of an Ephemeris that lies open at a page marked “Mercury March 25th”.

“The financial crisis has ensured that I’m busier than ever,” says Christeen. “People in the City need to know what is just around the corner. I can help with that.”

Christeen is one of a growing, albeit secretive, network of astrologers who work for seemingly conservative British institutions such as high street banks, City investment funds and retailers. Desperate to avoid financial meltdown in the ongoing ‘credit crunch’ and to spot fashions and consumer trends before they start, these institutions have turned to the stars to divine the future.

“Most academics distrust astrology and regard it as mumbo-jumbo,” she says. “The thing is, it works. Nobody’s sure how it works but it does. Most of my clients are business people who are very canny. If it didn’t work for them, then why would they use it?”……..”

…..and the article continues here: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=3582 Please click on this link to continue reading this very interesting article.


Christeen Skinner is truly one of the world’s most sought after Financial Astrologers – and she is coming from directly from London to spend a VERY SPECIAL EVENING with us at the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. beginning at 6:30 PM.

Christeen, the Director at Cityscopes, London, England, has been preparing her forecasts for what to expect in the months and years just ahead, astrologically speaking, and she will share her findings with us that exciting evening, Feb. 27, 2014.

Admission is $12.50 for AASP Members;

$15.50 for Non-members who have visited with us before;


You can register online here on the Membership page or pay at the door.

Please try to come early to get registered, and mingle with longtime friends you may not have seen for awhile, and meet new friends who are also as interested in astrology as yourself.

Also, please visit and explore Christeen’s fabulous site at http://www.financialuniverse.co.uk/

Thursday, February 27, 2014 with Christeen Skinner will be an evening you will long remember, for the vision, and wisdom she imparts, and the very practical guidance you will receive from her insightful presentation.

Christeen spoke with us a year ago in January, 2013. What an impact she made on us all! Her voice is soft, enchanting and alluring, yet Christeen is simultaneously a powerful presence, gently emanating an uplifting, inspiring energy, embracing not only one’s mind, but one’s heart also. It is difficult to describe the atmosphere in the room when Christeen Skinner is the Speaker.

Besides being a world-class, exceptional astrologer, whose clientele and associates are among the most powerful people on planet Earth, Christeen Skinner is deep and genuine in her concern, and unconditional Love for others. She is truly one of warmest, and kindest souls anyone could ever hope to meet.

I look forward to seeing you on this VERY SPECIAL evening. Remember to bring a friend, because ALL First-Time VISITORS to AASP get in FREE!


P.S. Below are some of the reviews for one of Christeen’s widely acclaimed, standard-in-the-industry books – which peers far into the future, while maintaining a focus in the present, The Financial Universe.


Financial Universe by Christeen Skinner


New, Revised Edition now Available

First published in 2004 and forecasting the present credit crunch and dates of key financial importance, this updated edition of The Financial Universe is once again presented to those interested in the extraordinary correlation between the cycles of the planets and events here on Earth.

The Financial Universe deconstructs the future in clear masterful strokes. An absolute must read text not only for professionals in financial services and related industries but also for anyone who relies on the future for business and personal planning.

Written by one of the world’s foremost financial astrologers, Christeen Skinner highlights periods to maximize investment returns and minimize portfolio losses through exposure to geopolitical events and circumstances, and financial market hotspots.

This important new and revised text maps out potential responses by international stock markets to world events that are predicted between now and 2020. It is not necessary to understand astrological terminology in order to follow the deconstruction of the complex relationships of planetary alignments, sun spot patterns, and other cosmic influences that impact on personal financial well-being.


The Financial Universe is a guide to identifying the role of the planets and stars in world affairs, finance and investment. Skinner begins her book on finances by focusing on our own Sun. Although looking at the sun’s sunspot cycle and how its affects business and financial cycles is not new, as Commander David Williams addressed it in 1982 and, in fact, points out that it was the discoverer of Uranus, William Herschel who in 1801, first called attention to the correlation to the sunspot activity and the price of wheat, Skinner’s book brings the reader up to date in the nascent science of predicting sunspot flares and solar wind cycles with their effect on human activity and therefore on our investment decisions.

The sun is not nearly as constant as assumed to be, in fact, it is rather inconstant, as Skinner points out. Scientists have identified 11 year cycles between a maximum and minimum number of flares. The 21st century started, like the 20th, with a double top peak but very unusually in October 2003, two giant sunspots were observed.

Scientists had never seen this before and remarked that something was disturbing the natural rhythm in the sunspot cycle. After the minimum level was reached in 2007, scientists were expecting a gradual rise into the next high 2013–14 but as of this writing January 2009 (and still April 2010) this gradual rise has not appeared.

This aberration makes it not inconceivable that we are entering one of those extended periods of no solar activity which has in the past brought increased hostilities between nations and contributed to colder weather patterns on earth. This extended cold trend would change economic conditions, food production and human activity as demonstrated in the previous studies done on the effects of solar flare cycles and investing.

Skinner also makes an interesting point about the effects of solar flares personally on each of us. By using examples from key leaders of the 20th century, Blair, Brown, Thatcher, (Skinner is a Brit) Teddy Roosevelt, Mao and Hitler she demonstrates how the birth day’s record of sunspot activity will portend in the life the periods of time when one is more likely to be effective and thus make better financial decisions.

If one is born during a period with a greater than average number of solar flares then throughout the life those reoccurring times of greater sunspot activity will be personally more favorable. As we are now in a time of low solar activity, it will be those persons born at similar times who will be operating at peak performance (Obama).

Skinner takes the reader on a journey from the outermost limits of our universe to its visible inner planets. Other important stars in our solar system are explored in a chapter called, “Stars and Sacred Places”. Here we learn why and for how long Polaris will be our pole star, which stars were rising at the Battle of Hastings and the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and what the stars portend concerning those events. Then she moves on to the planets.

The Financial Universe, aptly named, is a historical narrative, written for the non-astrologer, correlating the cycles of the planets with world affairs and economic cycles. She begins her chapters on planetary cycles by looking at the two Neptune/Pluto conjunctions of 1398 and 1892 (both in Gemini), focusing on what happened in world trade and commerce in each of those periods.

Since the 1st quarter square in the current cycle will not be until 2061, she uses the smaller “divisions of the circle” to illustrate how these two planets making contacts to each other coincide “with significant cultural shifts from west to east and back again across the millennia”.

Janus-like, Skinner not only looks backward but forward as well with quite specific predictions in chapters like: “Forecasting” concerning Jupiter/ Saturn, Saturn/Pluto cycles of the past and present, the current transit of Venus and what happened when planets move across the Galactic Center.

In “World Trade and Planet Cycles” she writes that “creative accounting” was first employed by people born during the Great Depression or were economic students of those persons.

The chapter called “Transformation” is on Pluto’s sign change. In “The Collapse of the USA” she predicts the breaking up of the USA and what the 2012 election will bring.

In “The Credit Bubble and the Currency Collapse” she looks at debt as a growth industry, the Federal Reserve both with Greenspan and post him and the Mercury station and eclipses patterns that indicate currency difficulties.

“The World Bank” is another chapter explaining its history, based on its inception date, and its probable future.

“Water Wars 2010” brings us right into this summer’s lineup. Neptune and Uranus have chapters entitled “Illusions and Imaginations” and “Cutting Edge” respectively. The book ends with a chapter called Wall Street and London Markets 2009–2020.

This book was first published in 2004 and this edition reads like a thriller, it was difficult to put down.

Some of her predictions are specific like Feb. 17 2010 for a currency crisis. Skinner was prescient for this date as the story in the NYT that day was the disclosing of Goldman Sachs 15 billion dollar bond sale that was kept secret from European Union’s regulators, hiding how much debt Greece had. The fear was that Greece’s debt level could bring down the entire European Union.

Skinner gives six additional time periods from 30th December 2010 to September 2016 when the world currency situation could be precarious. Skinner even looks ahead to 2037 warning those becoming 65 then to be careful of another period of commercial anxiety and depression (Neptune/Pluto cycles).

Skinner’s scope is broad in both in time and space. It is right that she dedicates her book to Saturn, the planet of physical reality, time and financial security. The complexity of the subject matter, the amassing of so many facts, historical events and projections makes it hard to summarize.

It is a book to be read and reread and referred to often. It starts one thinking about how little time we have here, how vast our universe is and how our financial lives are, as is everything else, part of a continuum which was started way before we were born and which will continue far after.” Mountain Astrologer


“The book deals specifically with using planetary bodies to predict cycles in the marketplace, both positive and negative. Offering suggestions and warnings that potentially reverberate up through the year 2020, The Financial Universe even contemplates the astrological sign of America as a nation, and considers the implications of this birth sign on the future of American finances as a whole as surely as what this means for one’s private investments.” The Midwest Book Review

“The prophecies made by Christeen Skinner are weirdly accurate. In 2004 she told the Sunday Express that between 2005 and 2011 ‘there will be an aspect between Saturn and Uranus not seen since the Great Depression of 1930-1931’. More specifically, she predicted that ‘the change in the cycle of Pluto in 2008 will bring about a collapse in the property market’.” From MoneyWeek, 28 November 2008

“The book focuses on business cycles over the next 15 years, relating the historical correlations of planetary position with the current cycles and providing a broad historical context for trends and developments in technology, politics & business.

The work is divided into 12 chapters, each dealing with a specific range of issues, beginning with a broad outline of astrological bodies and their cycles.

Dividing the period from 2004 up until 2020 Christine has set out specific correlations within several subperiods beginning with the influence of the 2004 Venus transit of the sun, which she explains opens the way for an explosion of creativity particularly in the 2008–2012 period.

The historical context is given by a similar outpouring of significant artistic expression. Chapter titles such as “Collapse of the USA”, “Water Wars, 2010” convey the urgency of the need for business to be educated to the possibilities of using astrology in longer term forecasting and planning.” Dennis Barker, Quantum Connections

“The majority of the business community does not assess this incredibly helpful [astrological] information, and are often taken unawares by events political and financial. This book is groundbreaking, as it bridges this gulf and makes this information readable and understandable by all.

Using the information that The Financial Universe provides will support a smoother ride in the forthcoming decade and beyond. The book also deals with sun-spot activity, and gives very user-friendly interpretations.” Ms Pemos Theodore, Star Consulting, writing in ISAR International Astrologer

Publication Details

Paperback ISBN:


Page Extent / Format:

176 pp. / 229 x 152 mm

Release Date:

May 2004; revised ed. April 2009

Illustrated: No

Paperback Price:

£19.95 / $39.95

Start the New Year with another Amazing Lecture by Don Cerow!

Dear AASP Members, Colleagues, Friends, and Lovers of Astrology everywhere,

DON CEROW is returning to AASP (Astrology Association of St. Petersburg) on Thursday, January 09, 2014…at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL.


Don is an exceptional astrologer – one who thinks ‘way “outside the box”, so to speak. The program he has prepared exclusively for AASP on January 09 is like none other ever presented to us – by anybody!

Don’s subject will be “AMERICA”....He will bring to us a view and understanding of our Great Nation such as we have never known before: both historically, and through the prism of astrology.

Will there also be forecasts and projections about what AMERICA might experience in the months and perhaps years ahead? ABSOLUTELY!!

Furthermore, Don will hold a Q&A session after his main talk.

As you know, Don Cerow is an exhaustive researcher. His work as a researcher is legend. He goes literally to the ‘ends of the Earth’ to uncover the great secrets related to whatever he is studying. by employing his exceptional skills at organizing information in a cohesive and communicable way, he puts together programs about those matters for every kind of audience, from scientists and academics, to us ordinary “lay” folks.

His several books are now considered standards and references by which other books on the subjects are measured. Don Cerow is simply one of the finest astrologers and deepest thinkers of our time, and we are privileged to have him come for a return visit to AASP.

In the presentation he has prepared exclusively for us at AASP, all about “AMERICA”, Don will be sharing with us insights, details, and an in-depth perspective that only he can bring – developed through his unique capabilities at historical research and his exceptional skills as an astrologer (Level IV, NCGR)

Don’s presentation will begin at 7:00 pm, at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater...but please try to come as near to 6:00 pm as is possible in order to get registered, have some time to mingle and visit with old friends, and meet new people as well.

  • Admission for AASP Members is only $10.00;….
  • for Visitors     who have come before, but who     are not yet AASP Members:     $15.00;
  • for all     First-time Visitors: FREE…NO CHARGE…NADA….We are very glad for you to visit AASP!

I know we will all learn lots from Don Cerow’s very special program…as well as enjoy very much the camaraderie of fellow astrologers.

There will be refreshments at the end of Don’s program. 

Please EXPLORE the MANY pages of Don’s website: http://athenasweb.com/index_original.html

Jim Cummins

Follow up Information on Don Cerow

Update from Jim, following up on the meeting post for Nov 7th, 2013.  Further information on Astrologer Don Cerow, our scheduled speaker tomorrow night.

  Come hear about the constellation Draco the Dragon and an answer to the mystery of why nearly every culture on earth has a dragon myth.



When our ancestors gazed upon the stars long ago they looked up

 into the center of the sky and saw a mighty Dragon,

a great celestial serpent with wings circling ceaselessly above them,

night after night, century after century.

The circuit of the seasons, the position of the zodiacal circle and

the secret of the circle – Earth’s position in space –  

were all hidden in its center.

If the true center was not accurately observed and determined,

 the entire circle was off.

Draco, the constellation of the Dragon, was this astronomical marker for literally thousands of years. This talk is a beautiful and informative journey of discovery, following the mythologies of Chinese, Sumerian, Phoenician, Norse, Native American and Mayan cultures

as they evolved into modern astronomy.




A writer since 1972, Don Cerow’s primary research has been in the mythology and astronomy of ancient peoples.

 He’s produced shows for radio and television and has taught at colleges, universities, and planetariums across the country.

In 2005 he wrote and produced a multi-media show for

Fiske Planetarium at the U of Colorado, Boulder entitled

 Stars, Myths and Dragons. In 2012 he was a featured speaker at the Conference for Precession and Ancient Knowledge.

Don is a certified NCGR Level IV practicing counseling astrologer. His weekly astrology column appeared for twenty years in the Valley Advocate and Amherst Bulletin, two Massachusetts newspapers, and continues online at


Contact him at






Dear Friends, Colleagues, and fellow lovers of Astrology everywhere,
As I expressed in my previous letter, we at AASP (Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, FLwww.aaspfl.com) are especially happy to have Astrologer and author Don Cerow to visit with us at the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater, FL, on Thursday evening, Nov. 7, 2013, beginning at 7:00 pm.
What is Don going to speak with us about?  Frankly, I honestly don’t know specifically.  I chose to leave that entirely up to him.   With Don’s credentials, WHATEVER he chooses to share with us, I am confident and certain that we will ALL be excited and anxious to hear – and whatever he presents will undoubtedly be exceptionally well organized and extremely informative.
DON CEROW, a former student of Louise Fimlaid a longtime AASP Member, recently sent to me some information about himself from which to construct an introduction.  Since nobody could say it better than he, what follows is DON CEROW’s bio – in his own words:
  • DON CEROW is a certified NCGR Level IV astrologer known for the depth of his celestial insights. An astrologer since ’72, his interest has been in how astronomy evolved from the mythology and astrology of ancient peoples.  he received his degree in Classics, Magna cum Laude from UMass in ’76, and has been writing a weekly column for various newspapers since ’83.
          In ’03 he reconstructed a near life size model of Stonehenge (phase 1) in the Hamptons in a story     picked up by the New York times.  He’s produced snows for radio and television and has taught at colleges, universities, and planetariums across the country. 
         In ’05 he produced a multi-media show for Fiske Planetarium at the U of Colorado, Boulder, pushing back the limits of what our forebearers knew about the heavens, a work that has gon on to become a book entitled “When the Dragon Wore the Crown”, available through your local bookseller.
         Don was a featured speaker at the CPAK 2012 (the Conference for Precessional and Ancient Knowledge) in Rancho Mirage, CA.
A sample of Don Cerow’s programs:
  • STARS, MYTHS, and DRAGONS  The Wisdom of Ancient Culture
  This is the planetarium show which has been presented which has been presented from California to florida and points in-between.  The symbol of the dragon is the vestige of a once world wide code of information found in the stars.  Why is it that this obviously mythical creature is found on every hemisphere of the planed, across various cultures and throughout time?  Whether as Ti’amat of the Babylonians, Ladon of the Greeks, the Imperial Dragon of China, Thunder Bird of the Lakota or even the ‘feathered serpent’ or flying snake of the Mayans of Central America, we find this image omnipresent around the globe.  If the Dragon is a fictional creation, then what is the source of its universal appeal?  This presentation retells a number of creation myths and offers a delightfully simple answer to this intriguing question.
The publisher’s summary:  “When the Dragon Wore the Crown – Center and Circle” covers a period of approximately six thousand years, focusing primarily on what astrologers would call the Ages of Gemini, Tauruws, and Aries, and the classical astronomy of the Greeks and Romans.  It opens and closes with the Chinese tradition, and touches on Sumerian, Babylonian, Hindu, Norse and Mayan cultures and their mythology and astronomy weaving together many of their celestial serpentine similarities. 
The book primarily focuses on the role of the Dragon, the astronomical marker of the North Celestial Pole for literally thousands of years.  The earthshaking importance of this simple astronomical fact helped open the door to navigation, farming, and social organization.  The cycle of the seasons was marked by this cadence, and the moving center protected the secret of the circle, the divine Circle, for literally thousands of years.  Without the correct center, you did not have the correct circle.  Don Cerow shows how the Dragon was the solitary guardian of the secret of the center, of the magic forgedby the circle, a gem of incalculable worth. (provided by publisher)
  • History:  US    USA – History and Predictions
   From 1996 until 2003, Don wrote yearly “Predictions for the USA” for a national magazine.  Through extensively studying the historical record year after year, don has gained an intimate grasp on the characteristics and personallity of our country’s soul.  Join us as we journey through more than two hundred years of our past, examiningt many of the patterns found in the US chart, and of how they manifested by transit and progression.  Learn what the stars have had to say about this great land, and help unravel the mysteries of the future as we ponder the celestial combinations of the upcoming year.
There will be a brief business meeting for AASP Members beginning at 6:30 pm;  Don’s presentation is to begin at 7:00 pm.
We encourage all, Members, and guests, to come early for registeration, and visiting.  The fees are:  $10.00 for AASP Members; $15.00 for Visitors who have attended before.  ALL FIRST-TIME visitors are FREE.
Here’s looking forward to seeing each of you there!
Jim Cummins
Pres.  AASP
P.S.  Please be sure to visit our website:  www.aaspfl.com

Letter from Jim

iStock_000003021919XSmallDear friends, colleagues, and lovers of Astrology everywhere,
I’ll make this brief and to the point:
Our FIRST meeting of the AASP for the 2013-2014 season will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2013, beginning at 6 pm, at our regular meeting place, the Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL.
This has been a busy summer for us all, and we have lots to catch up on, both socially, and as an organization, so at the outset, we will have a business meeting, which will also include announcements as to who will be our next speaker(s).
Please come as early as you possibly can, to get registered, and revisit friends, etc. (I realize many of us work, and may get caught in traffic, or have to attend family dinner before coming to AASP, etc.) 
We will start our business meeting promptly at 6:30 pm.  My presentation will begin sharply at 7:00 pm.
As I did last September, I will be the initial speaker of the evening for the season.
This time, however, I am pleased to report that I shall be using Charlie and Angela Nunziata’s computer projector, so you won’t be subjected to me accidentally dropping a package full of transparencies all over the place…as I unfortunately did last September…(which was AWKWARD! – and embarrassing!)
My presentation will be on Current and Future WORLD EVENTS –  with considerable attention (and forecasts) dedicated to what we can all expect in the months ahead, astrologically speaking.
Most significantly, I will offer specific recommendations for dealing with all that is, and will be going on in the world around us.
We shall discuss in detail numerous charts of the key individuals who presently play the most significant roles on the world’s stage – some whom everyone knows – others who lurk in the background, directing, manipulating, and strongly influencing not only those obviously powerful personages, such as kings and presidents, but who also initiate and manage, (from their unobtrusive perch), strategic world developments, thereby creating situations, circumstances, and conditions to which even unsuspecting world leaders must respond.
We will explore the charts of nation-states, and other vital organizations that impact the world today…and look ahead at the charts of those entities which will impact it in the near future, in the ongoing, and ever-intensifying drama of an unfolding Uranus/Pluto square saga, which is presently near its mid-point, chronologically speaking.
There will be handouts.
All AASP Memberships expired on August 31, 2013. 
NEW AASP MEMBERSHIP (Season 2013-2014 – 1 Sept. 2013 through 31 Aug. 2014) will be at a special NEW rate:  only $20.00! 
Attendance fee for September 12, 2013:    $15.00.
Attendance fee Sept. 12:      15.00
Total…………………………….   35.00
You may pay via cash or check at the door, or via Pay Pal on our website:  www.aaspfl.com.
I look forward to seeing each of you Thursday evening, Sept. 12, at the Clearwater Hampton.
Jim Cummins
President, AASP