May 2012 – Joe Polise presented The Uranus/Pluto Series

Joe Polise

 Joe Polise, a consultant, writer, and teacher with Astrology and Tarot since 1990, has always had a great and abiding interest in astrology’s history, and he loves to share with all the pivotal role astrology plays in the Western Tradition and its practical value in our world.  He is the NCGR Education Director and  Vice-President of Chicago’s Friends of Astrology. He has presented talks and workshops for NCGR, ISAR, and UAC as well as for many local US astrology groups.

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April 2012 – David Cochrane presents Harmonic Astrology

David Cochrane

David Cochrane

David explained and illustrated the basic concepts of the harmonic astrology that he uses in simple and clear terms. David  believes that harmonic astrology can be used to quickly and accurately describe major themes in a person’s life.  

Because the  ideas are refreshingly new, this lecture opened new doors and perspectives for anyone interested in astrology, from beginners to experts. 

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February 7th, 2013 – AASP welcomes Dennis Maltz speaking on “Post 2012”

Dennis Maltz

Dennis Maltz

Dennis brings a unique perspective to reading charts, a perspective gained through more than 40 years of study – which only he can describe adequately – a synopsis of which, in his own words, follows a very important ANNOUNCEMENT here.

  • Meeting time and place: Hampton Inn, 4050 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater FL. 6:00 PM……approx. 10:00 PM
  •  Featured Speaker: Dennis Maltz
  •  “Social Hour” – 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM
  •  Dennis’s talk will begin SHARPLY at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM – with brief break at 8:00 PM

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January 2012 – Christeen Skinner on Perspectives in Financial Astrology

Perspectives in Financial Astrology – with Christeen Skinner

Christeen discussed the following:

The Neptune Pluto septile and its place in financial trading.

  • Using helio or Geo: how different perspectives improve forecasting.
  • The impact of Mars retrograde periods and the influence of other planet reversals and returns on indices (DJI and S&P).
  • Declinations: with particular emphasis on the progressed Moon declination cycle and what it tells us about periods of financial instability and correction.
  • he Moon at perigee and apogee and its effect on markets. 

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November 2011 – Michele Adler on the November Eclipse

Michele Adler: the November eclipse and  effective interpretation/predictive techniques.

Michele Adler, PMAFA, will share some seldom used interpretation and forecasting techniques, starting with a look at the upcoming November eclipse, the degree at which it takes place, and some of the political charts that will be affected by the eclipse. She will also talk about the 10 most underused chart interpretation techniques and the five most overlooked forecasting methods, with emphasis on the use of the Moon in prediction. 

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September 2011 – Carole Devine on Solar Arc Directions – How “History Repeats Itself”


Have you ever wondered why history repeats itself?

Carole Devine

Or why our lives flash before our eyes at the moment of impending death?

We learn from our past experiences! Within solar arcs, there is a little known phenomenon I like to call the mid-life shift into reverse. Events that were shown by solar arc directions during the first (roughly) forty-five years of your life will repeat in reverse order the next forty-five years. The lecture explained in simple language how to use this.

It even applies to a country’s chart!! So we will look at this phenomenon in the USA chart, as well.

On Saturday, Carole did a workshop on Astrocartography.

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