Walk Softly! Martian Sabers are Rattling

The fiery Mars/Uranus square Pluto energy will be intensifying this weekend, as Mars begins to move away from Uranus and more tightly square Pluto, and with the Sun and Venus quickly following that trajectory…as Mercury, now forward, yet still in its ‘shadow’, moving quickly through Pisces, just having reactivated Chiron, and the Moon being in Leo today and tomorrow, expanding everyone’s ego, and their natural tendency to quickly defend their turf or  ‘honor’, so to speak, perhaps a review of that article can help someone exercise more patience in a given situation than they otherwise might during this highly charged time period. 

We should remember that the present conjunction between Mars and Uranus, with their developing square to Pluto, will be challenged or tested when that same Mars makes opposes Pluto and squares Uranus successively in late July, and early August.  So, whatever conditions are prevailing this weekend, and early next week, will be revisited then, one way or another.  

This goes for world events also….which is very significant, considering the saber-rattling situations going on all over the globe.  (Read the Full Article)

Written by Jim Cummins


Our current Stellum in Pisces on top of Mercury Retrograde

Quick note from Jim Cummins – March 9th, 2013

All the planets presently transiting Pisces (6 today – 7 on Monday!) – that’s a HUGE percentage of positions in one 30 degree sector of the Zodiacal wheel – and it is having a MAJOR impact on everyone – and is the underlying reason that so many people are experiencing feelings of fear – in so many arenas of life. 

Among those transiting positions, is Mercury Retrograde.  That is a sure index of what we typically term the “re” process:  review, reconsider, rework, revise, re-EVERYTHING…because Mercury, which rules the thought processes, and the connections we make between things, between ideas, etc., is Retrograde, in other words, thinking things OVER, which is APPROPRIATE in all situations.   Continue reading

February 23rd’s Transits and Planetary Climate

From Jim Cummins:

Jim CumminsSaturn is now Retrograde, Mercury turned Retrograde today, and is conjuncting Mars – so it is extremely EASY for anyone, and everyone to fly off the handle – please be cautious – and soon, Retrograde Mercury will cross Chiron, and Neptune in succession, before it turns around again going forward from March 17, to cross those same positions all over again during the latter half of March, and early April. 

These next few weeks will be topsy-turvy for nearly everybody – especially the Mutable signs, i.e., Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces, where that stellium is presently located.