Proceed With Care – March’s Critical Turning Points

Dear AASP Members, Friends, Colleagues and Astrology lovers everywhere,

For those of you who have planets at, or near 08 degrees of any sign, especially the Cardinals, this will be of particular significance. 

For those who have no planets at or close to that 08 degree in ANY Sign, you may not be as personally and directly affected by the current transits as are those of us (including myself) who do, but even so, the prevailing aspects are nonetheless quite fraught with ‘expect the unexpected’  attributes, and characteristics of suddenness’ and ‘wow – I didn’t see THAT coming’ type scenarios. Continue reading

The Halcyon Days of March – What does that mean for you?

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Lovers of Astrology,

I am attaching FOUR charts (.pdf) here:  (1) AASP March 2013 Meeting.pdf; and (2) 2013 New Moon March 11, 2013.pdf; (3) 2013 Full Moon in March.pdf; and (4) 2013 Vernal Equinox.pdf

You can click each image below to open a full chart in a new window.

We are all presently enjoying what one could describe as the “halcyon days” of March, 2013. Even with Mercury presently Retrograde (to turn Direct again on March 17), as of this writing on March 04, it is conjunct the Sun – giving it the nature of a “reprieve of sorts” from retrogradation, i.e. relative clarity for a day or so, and from there to a conjunction to Venus during the evening hours of the 6th (how sweet it is!), which Venus itself is Sextile to Pluto and Trine to Saturn on that very day (March 6th).  Continue reading