The Halcyon Days of March – What does that mean for you?

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Lovers of Astrology,

I am attaching FOUR charts (.pdf) here:  (1) AASP March 2013 Meeting.pdf; and (2) 2013 New Moon March 11, 2013.pdf; (3) 2013 Full Moon in March.pdf; and (4) 2013 Vernal Equinox.pdf

You can click each image below to open a full chart in a new window.

We are all presently enjoying what one could describe as the “halcyon days” of March, 2013. Even with Mercury presently Retrograde (to turn Direct again on March 17), as of this writing on March 04, it is conjunct the Sun – giving it the nature of a “reprieve of sorts” from retrogradation, i.e. relative clarity for a day or so, and from there to a conjunction to Venus during the evening hours of the 6th (how sweet it is!), which Venus itself is Sextile to Pluto and Trine to Saturn on that very day (March 6th). 

March 2013 Meeting Chart

After that, Mercury, in its retrogradation, will move past Chiron on the evening of our AASP Meeting (March 7th), inexorably heading towards Neptune at 03 Pisces…but it won’t quite get there, because Mercury turns back Direct on March 17, at approximately 05 Pisces 42, to retrace, Directly, in its “Shadow” phase, all the planets in Pisces which it has been highlighting through the past several weeks, in Direct, and then Retrograde motion. 

Meanwhile, some very important changes are unfolding, astrologically speaking. Within hours of the New Moon at 3:52 pm on March 11, Mars moves into Aries, at 02:26 am the next morning (March 12), signifying a considerable change in the atmospherics…since it will then be dispositing itself (in its own Sign of Aries) and moving inexorably towards a fiery conjunction to Uranus, which will be approx. 08 Aries (quincunx – or inconjunct America’s Ascendant of 08 Scorpio) when Mars and Uranus meet on March 22. 

This volatile conjunction between Mars and Uranus is heralded by the Sun’s entry into Aries defining this year’s Vernal Equinox on March 20; and then amplified by Mars square Pluto at 11:47 pm on March 26, just before the Full Moon on March 27, when that same Moon opposes Uranus at 08:05 am, then squares Pluto (to emphasize Mars sq. Pluto the day before, which is still in effect) at 1:27 pm, and then opposes Mars itself at 2:14 pm…and all this is a prelude to the Sun conjuncting Uranus in the early evening of March 28, and squaring Pluto at 11:05 on March 31. 

It’s like a series of successive hits – each of which torques the ratchet ever tighter than the one just before it. 

Beginning around the New Moon on March 11, there will be a steady increase of tensions in all areas and departments of our lives (especially close relationships, and time spent on the road), which will accelerate after the Vernal Equinox on March 20, become potentially explosive and dangerous between then and the end of this month.  

The heightened pace of news events detailing such situations will bear this out. 

On those specific dates when the alignments are partile (exact), it is extremely important that you be extra careful in whatever you may be doing, especially in responding to others – whether on the highway driving to or from work, or at work, and especially in the home environment. 

The last 10 days of March, 2013, are highly volatile – exceptionally charged with transits of intensity – fiery defensiveness, and hasty moves without forethought – often to the detriment of all who are so engaged. 

Obviously, the peaks points of that intensity scale are those dates mentioned earlier:  March 20, 22, 26, 27, 28, and 31.  But it all begins around the New Moon date of March 11, which is the prelude to Mars moving into Aries on the 12th. 

Between the 12th and 17th, when Mercury turns back Direct, it may seem like a lull – but the misunderstandings and contentions which will fuel the potential explosiveness of the last 10 days of the month (March) are taking place, laying their seeds, and germinating.  

Therefore, it is urgent that you be very cautious in your remarks, in your intentions, and in all your communications and connections with others – to avoid the kind of eruptions which are about to sweep through much of the human family during the last 10 days of this month, March 2013. 

Usually, whenever Mercury is changing direction, whether from Direct to Retrograde, or Retrograde to Direct, the weather turns with it – most often negatively.  So, be cognizant of shifting weather patterns around Mercury’s turning Direct date of March 17. Mercury is associated with wind…so when the wind starts blowing, the weather is about to turn inside out.  We can expect more severe storm conditions, especially around that turn date. 

Viewing things ahead: Take note that late March is but a preparation for the aggravated hostilities, and sudden eruptions of the much more significant Uranus-Pluto square, which is partile (exact) at 11 degrees, 14 minutes of Aries and Capricorn respectively on May 20, 2013…in the wake of a Solar Eclipse on May 09, at 19 Taurus 33; and the next most volatile interactions between Mars and that Uranus-Pluto square between July 27 and August 1, 2013, when Mars will then move from an opposition to Pluto to a square to Uranus.

This makes the entire period between July 27th and August the 1st as a Red Zone time-frame similar to the period between March 20th and March the 31st only more intense.

That Solar Eclipse on May 09, coming so close to the exact Uranus-Pluto square on May 20, is one of the primary signatures of Earthquake/Volcano activity, which subject will be among those I shall address in our April, 2013 AASP Meeting.

Mars-Uranus aspects are the MOST VOLATILE, EXPLOSIVE aspects possible in a chart – ANY chart. 

Mars – Pluto aspects are the MOST VICIOUS, VENGEFUL and BRUTAL aspects possible in a chart – ANY chart.

Overlaying these alignments to scenarios already being played out on the WORLD’s STAGE, gives us reason for great concern during this upcoming summer.  Please take care in your personal lives to be extra cautious in all your activities, especially during the later weeks of this month, March 2013, when the SEEDS of the SUMMER are sown. 

Presently, however, we are in the Halcyon Days of March.  Let’s enjoy them while they linger about us.

Jim Cummins