Proceed With Care – March’s Critical Turning Points

Dear AASP Members, Friends, Colleagues and Astrology lovers everywhere,

For those of you who have planets at, or near 08 degrees of any sign, especially the Cardinals, this will be of particular significance. 

For those who have no planets at or close to that 08 degree in ANY Sign, you may not be as personally and directly affected by the current transits as are those of us (including myself) who do, but even so, the prevailing aspects are nonetheless quite fraught with ‘expect the unexpected’  attributes, and characteristics of suddenness’ and ‘wow – I didn’t see THAT coming’ type scenarios.

Therefore, it is advisable for each of us to be ever alert, and keep our thoughts stayed on the most positive of attitudes, and kind-hearted intentions, and to take our time doing anything and everything we undertake.  

Aspects through the remainder of this month of March, 2013, will usher in critical turning points  for many – many such ‘critical turning points’  being unwanted and avoidable. 

Of course, there will be situations and circumstances over which we have no apparent or obvious control, and among those may be instances of  a blessing in disguise, (if we are sufficiently introspective to grasp the proverbial ‘lesson learned’.)   

The KEY to keep in mind here is:  HASTE MAKES WASTE….Please go SLOWLY, and Proceed With Care in everything you undertake over the next two weeks.  

Hopefully, we will all be cognizant of the highly charged atmospherics of these next couple of weeks or so, and keep ourselves centered in a posture of inner peace and serenity – and earnestly try to be as understanding as possible to those whose experiences during these tense times, are more stressful than our own.  

What could possibly be happening, astrologically speaking, that indicates these statements and concerns? 

                                                  MARS-URANUS Square PLUTO 

As you all know, on Friday, March 22, 2013, at 2:17 pm EDT, Mars makes its exact conjunction to Uranus.  

However, it is already well within the effective orb of that conjunction’s influence, and will remain so for several days after Friday.  

As you also know, Uranus, presently at approx. 08 Aries 05, remains within close orb of its long-running square to Pluto, which is presently 11 Capricorn 28. 

Therefore, from its conjunction to Uranus on Friday, Mars, also therefore being square to Pluto, aligns precisely in that Mars square Pluto at 11:47 pm EDT on Tuesday, March 26. 

So the entire period between Friday, March 22 through Tuesday, March 26 is a Mars/Uranus square Pluto RED ZONE that could, if not very carefully managed, erupt into an extremely dangerous, highly volatile, explosive, violent, accident-prone time-frame.  HASTE MAKES WASTE…Harsh words spoken can never be unspoken. 

This is for everybody on the planet, regardless their station in life, lowly or exhalted – and especially for those who have natal planets between 05 – 13 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, and/or 08 – 12 degrees of any other Sign. 

                                                   VENUS-SUN-URANUS Square PLUTO 

To further aggravate, and intensify things,  following close behind transiting Mars, is the Sun and Venus, both now also in Aries, and both of which will conjunct Uranus in the early evening hours of Thrusday, March 28, to subsequently each make its own square to Pluto on Sunday, March 31…Venus square Pluto at 06:12 am EDT, and the Sun square Pluto at 11:05 pm EDT. 

Thankfully, there is considerable difference in a Venus, or Sun conjuncting Uranus, and then successively squaring Pluto by comparison to Mars transiting the same trajectory. 

Mars is agitation, aggravation, inflamation, and general mayhem when afflicted by inharmonious alignments, as will be the case between now and the Full Moon (which only amplifies the condition) next Wednesday, March 27.  This is an energy of potential chaos, deliberate and wanton destructiveness and bellicose beligerance born of seething antagonisms, and long-held resentments for real-world injustices and restrictions by the few over the many. 

By contrast, when Venus and/or the Sun transit that same trajectory between March 28 – March 31, there will be nonetheless continued and heated passion attendant whatever is the issue of the moment, but that passion is more akin to unbridled mating harmones demanding expression rather than rage (Mars) – and all the ills such attitudes and behaviors generate. 

So, while we will all definitely experience a significant uptick in accidents and explosive, eruptive situations – domestic and foreign during the Mars-Uranus square Pluto RED ZONE time-frame, (March 20 – March 27),  the colors and atmospherics of the subsequent Venus-Sun conjunction with Uranus and simultaneous square to Pluto between March 28 – March 31 will turn from the bright-then-crimson RED (of the Mars transit) to the exciting, compelling, and passionate, gushing needs of a crashing waterfall’s outpouring over dark undercurrents and high cliffs, yielding in some ways, inspiring, befogging mists of apparent lightness that inevitably arise from such an adventure, to the inevitability of the darker, quieter awakening, and deeper BLUES of the flowing reality that is found at the end of a waterfall’s plunge.  

These are the colors of the remainder of this month: from RED to BLUE…with all the varying shades of each primary color included, and ever unfolding.  

                                                          PERSONAL CHOICES 

BE CAREFUL…GO SLOW…Take EVERYTHING in stride..these transits will pass, and it is incredibly important that you not become a victim in one way or another of either your behavior, or someone else’s during this Mars-Uranus square Pluto period – March 20 thru March 27...and just for good measure, a few days on either side of that time-frame. 

First, let’s consider these transitions on a personal level:  TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION to AVOID ANY AND ALL OPPORTUNITIES to fly off the handle – to “let someone have it” so to speak, and/or to engage in quick, ego-boosting retort – and/or resort to anger in any and/or all its destructive forms.  Deliberately choose positive attitudes, and proceed in all things with great care – especially during the most ordinary of activities, whether attending chores around the house, or going back and forth to work, or while at work, or responding to the children, and their demands, etc.  

Then, during the last weekend of the month, specifically between the Full Moon on Wednesday, March 27 – Sunday, March 31, please observe, and manage your own inner emotional NEEDS, so they are not driving you into expectations that someone else should, or ought to, or needs to behave in a particular way to fulfill YOUR needs. 

It will seem so easy to feel as though we are about to go over the edge of a personal Niagra Falls, or Victoria Falls of Africa, or Victoria Falls of Brazil, etc…you get the idea.  That particular weekend (March 27 – March 31)

will be ripe with emotions for most people, especially those of us who have planets around the 06 – 13 degree points of the Cardinal Signs.  Our feelings will be on our sleeves, so to speak, and feeling slighted, or misunderstood, or, in a worse case scenario, UNLOVED, however briefly, can readily plunge us into an internal river of despair, and we certainly do not want that experience – either for ourselves, or for those around us. 

Because the Sun is also aligned with this particular Venus transit, (i.e. conjunct Uranus and square Pluto), there is a bright spot to this configuration:  OPTIMISM born of over-CONFIDENCE.  When the Sun squares Pluto, whether natally, or by transit, the person represented by the Sun has a tendency to mind someone else’s business, to try to tell them how to do this or that, to be “bossy”, for lack of a better term.  AVOID this pitfall…it breeds resentments.  There is usually a power-play, and neither side wins. 

The positive application for the Venus-Sun conjunct Uranus and square Pluto period between the date of the Full Moon on March 27 and Sunday, March 31 is INTROSPECTION.  Watch your own feelings about things – whatever issues come up, and consider what it might be that makes you feel that particular way about that particular issue, or situation, or circumstance, etc. 

So, to make it simple, bear in mind that during the RED ZONE time-frame of the active Mars-Uranus square Pluto dates – March 20 – March 27, the watchword is EXTREME CAUTION. 

Then, as the RED ZONE morphs into an exhilirating, uplifting, exciting, and compelling WHITE-BLUE – DARK BLUE period of the last four days of the month, the watchword is INTROSPECTION


                                        Now for a brief look at THE WORLD AROUND US 

As I wrote in the short article which I sent out earlier this month, the first couple of weeks of March were the “Halcyon Days” of March.   Well, those days are now behind us, and these new energies are upon us. 

As expected, there were indeed the severe storms around the days of Mercury’s Station, turning back Direct.  It is always that way – Mercury is associated with wind, and when it is Station, turning either Direct, or Retrograde, there will be a whipping of the prevailing weather patterns…most often resulting in calamitous circumstances for most people.  

Yesterday, my sister, who lives in Clinton, MS, sent to me photos of the extensive damage done in their area by an unusually intense hailstorm – tennis-ball sized – both to their cars, and to their home. Of course, we all know about the “late winter storm” just before the onset of Spring that hammered the midwest, and northeast over the past several days – right on time:  Mercury went Direct on March 17.  

Around the entire world, we can already see that Mars-Uranus square Pluto in action: 

(1)  The 30-yr. old Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un has recently and very significantly racheted up the tensions and potential for conflict, deliberate or accidental, throughout the entire area of the Korean Peninsula by  

  •  conducting a long-range ballistic missile and a third nuclear test, 
  •  announcing an end to the fragile United Nations broke
    red truce that has kept a relative “peace” between Korea and the rest of the world since 1953, while  
  •  nearly simultaneously directly threatening a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States, and
  •  in addition to his ramped up bellicose rhetoric,  
  •  he dismantled a communications hot-line that was a primary ‘safety valve’ between North Korea, and the South, and 
  •  just this past weekend, he provocatively fired a volley of short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan. 


There is an extremely high probability that either a miscalculation, or deliberate hostile action will erupt from this inexperienced, bravado-driven young ruler, which could cause tremendous complications, and dangerous conditions in not only that area, but because of the necessity of the greater powers, including Russia, China, the United States, and even Japan being involved, this precarious situation needs very careful monitoring, and mature, well-coordinated management. 

Indeed, North Korea’s threats are real, and retaliation could very quickly lead to a HOT war.  On the other hand, Kim Jong Un’s behavior must not, and CANNOT be ignored. 

(2)  Pakistan – Nuclear power precariously perched between allegiances:  The US vs. China.  Pakistan dissolved its Parliament on March 16, in accordance with its Constitution, to make way for elections scheduled for May 11.  It is currently in state of ‘suspension’, in that there is no official governing body.  This is an incredibly dangerous condition, should a crisis arise…and in Pakistan, every day there is one crisis or another – or several. 

The acrimony between the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League (PLM-N) practically guarantee this period to be tumultous, and contentious.  In the middle of this political muddle, Pakistan is obliged to make a $2 BLN loan repayment to the IMF before the May elections.  

I will go into detail about the primary players, and the implications of all this and more, during my talk before the AASP at our next meeting on Thursday, April 04, as we consider Coming World Events in the near future and beyond. 

(3) In and around Baghdad, Al Qaeda in Iraq killed more than 60 people, and wounded hundreds, on the 10th anniversary of the US led Invasion of Iraq…and proclaims these murders as ” just the first drop of rain, and a first phase, for by God’s will, after this we will have our revenge”. 

This is just one of dozens of high profile attacks carried out by this branch of Al Qaeda, which is inspired and supported by the Sunni Muslim rebellion in next door Syria.  Any cooperation, or harmony by and between the Shi’ite government of Iraq, the Sunni minority, who feel oppressed by that government, and the ethnic Kurds is far more incidental and by accident, than by agreement. To date, this ancient land is still torn by sectarian tensions, and political instability. 

(4)  Obama’s trip to Israel: Because of its exceptional and deeply-rooted significance to the United States, at our next meeting on April 04,  I will present and explore with all of you the numerous charts affecting the various Nations of the Middle East, and their respective leaders.  

It is beyond the scope of this letter to get into any of that here, but be assured, we shall.  

The vital importance of this special region to the peace, security, and prosperity of the entire world cannot be overstated.  On April 04, with you all present, I shall review, and preview, through the prism of astrology, the most likely scenarios to unfold in this area of the globe, and the implications of those scenarios for the world at large, during the next several years and beyond. 

There are so many other things going on around the world which directly relate to the Mars-Uranus square Pluto energies – 

For example, (a) the explosion which killed 8 Marines on a training mission in the Nevada desert yesterday (March 19); and (b) Afghanistan’s President Karzai’s harsh, deriding criticism of, and demands for the US and Western allies to vacate the Nerkh district of Wardak, a known hiding place of the Taliban, ahead of the departure of most foreign combat troops, which are scheduled to leave by the end of the next year. 

The inflammatory remarks from Karzai (a Cancerian, incidentally, definitely affected by the Mars-Uranus square Pluto aspects) led to more than 1,000 angry Wardak residents converging on the capital in Kabul on Saturday, demanding U.S. special forces still operating in the province leave immediately. 

Karzai has complicated the on-going talks between the United States and Afghanistan over the scope of U.S. operations after the scheduled pull-out at the end of next year (2014) by expelling the U.S. special forces from Wardak at this time. Among other factors, their expected role after the pull-out was to have been significant and vital, for both Afghani and American interests. 


                                                COMING WORLD EVENTS – (April 04)

                                             INTIMATE ENEMIES – (May 02 & May 04)

As indicated, I will be the speaker for April, covering COMING WORLD EVENTS…and for May, we have TWO speakers – a psychiatrist/astrologer, Dr. Patricia D’Encarnacao Blose’, whose close friendship I have enjoyed for 37 years – and her daughter, Therese, an Registered Nurse, who was just a young girl playing, and later working at her parent’s clinic, the Mid-South Center for Marital and Sexual Therapy (a Masters’ and Johnson clinic) in Memphis, TN. when I first became associated with Dr. Pat and her family, and who is now not only a Mother, but a Grandmother as well.  My how the years have flown! 

Their topic for both evenings will be INTIMATE ENEMIES.….with an emphasis on the “INTIMATE” part on Thursday, May 02, and the “Enemies” part for the Workshop on Saturday, May 04.   

During these two sessions, Dr. Pat and Therese will illustrate and explain the astrological aspects which represent all facets of close relationships….PLUS, reveal the solutions, and resolutions, to any potential situations ( which are clearly evident in the respective charts) which might, or could possibly develop into disagreements, and/or conflicts between people who are close to one another.  

What you will learn from these two marvelous individuals will be helpful to you in countless ways – most significantly in terms of all your relationships…which, when we come right down to it, besides our personal Spiritual beliefs, is perhaps the single most important aspect of our lives.   

“To be, or not to be”, as Shakespeare put it, could well be:  To LOVE and BE LOVED is the essence of Life. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this long article. These days require that we maintain an alert, and kind-hearted attitude in everything we undertake.  

I look forward to seeing each of you for our next meeting at the Hampton, on Thursday, April 04.